Holiday Gift Guide

Hello lovely people!

This month I have a bit of change up: Since it is the holiday season, I thought it would be cool to share the online shops that share my ethos of being rad, inclusive and generally spooky. If you are gift giving this year, please support small business and shop small!

For note, I am in no way sponsored to promote any of these shops. I just find it good practice to support people in the small business community. Plus I just love these shops, they all have a special place in my heart. Each one fits a certain part of my persona, fluffy, queer, pastel goth and bad ass goddess of the night.


I came across this creator by way of another creator, Sarah Gordon whom I met at Thought Bubble Comic Festival, while falling in love with her comics my eyes caught this amazing shiny, animal skull necklace she was wearing, which happened to be by Skully- Bunting! She does all sorts of fun and unique designs. I recently purchased an x-mas skull pudding necklace (picture right) and sparklie skull earrings which are now my new favs to wear. My x-mas outfit is complete :D

She also makes work for roller derby!

I have a few friends who are in the scene and this is a perfect way to show support of the derby life. Which btw I am consistently envious of, but alas I am too prone to broken bones, otherwise would love to be a part of it. Real talk: I practiced for a while, but during practice I bombed so badly I almost fractured my tailbone and was out of work for two weeks, sooo yeah maybe I try doing it for fun for now ^_^. Anyway, she does custom designs too! She mainly works with laser cut acrylics, have a look at her shop for current offers.

Website: SkullyBunting


A lucky instagram find. I'm not normally one to trust shops I find on there, but LSD is a true gem amongst the rough. Charlotte Burkhartt creates an array of enchanted, often gothic jewelry made with the finest detail and care. I was gifted one of her necklaces recently as a belated wedding present. It is a circle made out of sharp teeth and in the center is a bright moonstone. The killer part of this piece is the chain, it's made of tiny bones!

I literally can wear a necklace of bones, as the horror fan that I am, this makes me incredibly happy. I wear it out and it feels like a protective charm laying across my heart. She primarily works in silver and with a crazy amount of luminous stones. There is one called a secret garden that I have been eying for ages, but alas I have to curb my spending or I would be very broke indeed in her shop because there is just so much there that is spot-on my style of art. Currently she has a sale on, so have a look at all her hand crafted loveliness.


Maya Kern-

I feel like I should call her the pattern queen, because holy hell she makes some gorgeous, stylish and witchy designs that are just *chef kiss*. I came across her designs in one of my favorite places to hang out online, my twitter lists! Haha no seriously, I have worked my way around these algorithms and made a solid 10 lists of people I find wonderful and important to know what they are up to. Have a look at mine, you can subscribe if you like or create your own.

Anyway she takes these fantastic illustrations and patterns, then applies them to clothes! More specifically skirts and scarves. I snagged one of her scarves earlier this year as s treat for myself. (treat yo self days are important). :) Let me say: it is the most comfy, warm thing to wrap around your neck unless you have kitties or small pups who like to sleep there. I am waiting to do a bulk order with a few friends to cut down on the shipping costs, because hey I live in Germany and of course it's expensive to get here. Plus hopefully by then the skirt I like will be back in stock. Oh and if you're like me and need extra room in your clothes, she has plus sizes that actually fit human bodies, not like brands who claim to be body pos then only have xl, she has much more and added bonus the skirts have pockets!


Sarah Gordon-