Women in Horror: Halloween Edition

Welcome to this month's women in horror blog! This month I will be doing a feature on my favorite spooky folk horror artists in honor of a most sacred day, the 31st of October. Whether you celebrate Samhain, Halloween or give worship to the dark goddess Hecate, I am sure you will find an artist here today who will inspire you. Shout out to The Month of Fear organisers for tipping me off on some incredible artists this October. Seeing as the holidays are coming up, please do visit these artist's shops, patreons or kickstarters and support artists instead of big businesses this holiday season. Remember: A little goes a long way for a lot of us.

Now let's get spooky!

Rosalie Lettau - rosalielettau.com

Rosalie is a young artist from northern Germany, who produces artwork that is seeping with the dark tales of old, that are buried under the tidy retellings by brothers Grim and their like. Her drawings hark back to a time when the land was one dark forest and any allowance it made for human dwellings was a rare mercy to them, a sporadic respite for those whose life was hardship and who were prey to the darkness.

She mostly works in pencil, which she then colors over on the computer. Few mediums capture movement as well as pencil does and Rosalie is taking full advantage of that by giving her pages rich textures and lighting that appears to have to fight its way through a fog, which has hung about the forest for centuries. The one pictured here is a fairly recent work done for The Month of Fear group which did themed art calls every week for the month of October. This one is called Beneath and I adore it so much I hope she makes prints available for it. <3

Jana Heidersdorf - janaheidersdorf.com

An illustrator from Germany, with a penchant for beautiful creepy art. Each of her pieces carry a haunting story with them. Her art is mainly figurative with some creatures.

She often utilizes a mix of graphite, acrylic charcoal and/or digital work which creates great depth and brings forward the nightmarish qualities. She plays with light and dark, the intense chiaroscuro creates great atmosphere one that the creatures living in it feel as though they are breathing in between the shadows.

In her Ghosts series, she masterfully employs watercolors to create specters that appear out of the dark, as if seen from the corner of your eye. There is a particular art piece that is my favorite called Paralyzed, which is a dark reminder of the times I suffered with night terrors.

Follow her work at her website listed above or find her on Twitter for daily updates.

Tiffany Turrill - tiffanyturrill.com

All around spooky artist Tiffany Turrill is currently working on a project with creator Asher Elbein called Ghost Days, which is a collection of short stories about a witch traveling Appalachia in the 1900s. You can check it out on Kickstarter as it just reached it's stretch goal! It was one of the many projects I backed this spooky season. Seriously, there are so many good projects on Kickstarter, go have a look!

I discovered Tiffany Turrill's work via twitter and the #visiblewomen tag, which happens about twice a year. There are normally not a lot of dark art creators, so when I find them I am super excited. Her work in pencil and watercolor is beautifully rendered, she truly knows how to bend her medium to create fantastical worlds for her creatures and humans to live in. I personally adore watercolor as its translucent effects make the art more magical, somehow not of this world. It is a medium I used to work in a lot, but oil paint won my heart so completely. Her subjects often in perilous situations emit such emotion you can feel the sadness, the heartbreak, the struggle to be alive. It's a beautiful experience.

Go have a look at her work on her website or give her a follow on Twitter!

Lauren K Cannon - navate.com