Women in Horror: Podcast Edition

Hello out there in Internet land!

I hope wherever you are you are safe, loved and that you are not dealing with sweltering heat. It has been a record high here in Berlin the last week 30ºC (90f). And it’s just the beginning of summer, so I am not looking forward to what the rest has to bring. I am by no means a summer person, I am a heavily tattooed pale AF person, so naturally I walk in the shade most days. I have thought of buying a parasol, but not sure I can bring myself to be so Morticia Addams.

This month's women in horror blog is something I truly love: podcasts. I can listen to them while I paint, draw, walk my pups or just chill with an elderflower gin fizz at the end of the week and enjoy some killer stories. It's one of the things I really love about the internet, being able to connect to all these incredible people and learn something new with each podcast. So without further ado, let's stay inside, get cosy with a fan and stay cool with this months blog on women in horror - podcasts edition.

Mabel Podcast

This has been my favorite podcast to listen to for the last half year outside of The Lore podcast. Mabel was my first introduction into audio drama plays. I was very happy to find it one rainy night last year. I was searching for a spooky tale to listen to, while painting because it keeps me in the right mood to create my own art. The instant I listened to the first episode it brought me back to when my mother used to read stories to me and play out the voices in a dramatic way, the characters would feel more alive and I'd be entranced.

Mabel is haunting tale, following the paths of two young women, Anna and Mabel on a journey to find each other and themselves. I’m not going to spoil it for you with more, because you really need to listen to it to understand how wonderful it really is. Full of haunting, evil things, supernatural beings of great power and destruction,

with two women at the centre of it trying to find their way to each other and along the way falling in love.

Yes! A queer macabre love story! It hits all of my buttons. :D

The production level of this podcast is brilliant, the sounds are crisp, clear, the effects make me feel like I am wandering a gothic haunted house with the characters. I have honestly creeped myself out many a night by listening to this podcast alone in my flat with only this and dim lights on because I like it like that!

Mabel is written by Becca De La Rosa and Mabel Martin.

Find them here or if you have itunes subscribe there!

P.S Here is some killer fan art by Annalise Jensen find their work here

Switchblade Sisters

Host April Wolfe talks to female identifying directors, film creators, writers, producers and pairs their current projects with a genre movie, current, past or present.

April Wolfe is wickedly smart, well researched and holds engaging conversations with her guests. I love finding out about new movies and their creators, especially when they are made by women. The juxtaposition between the guests project and the genre movie almost always hold an interesting connection.

My personal favorite so far has been the discussion about the Witches of Eastwick and director Ramaa Mosley. Hearing about her process of creation in film in relation to the movie was informative. To a non film tech person like me, hearing how complicated movie setups can be, brought a whole new level of appreciation of film as an art form to me. Also hearing about the time constraints, money issues, sponsors and interpersonal relationships between directors, the actors and their crew. I had no idea how complex this all was. Even convincing towns to let you film there! It's amazing films get made at all, but here we are 2018 with some great films.

After hearing about her process, I want to watch Ramaa Mosley’s movies, one in particular The Brass Teapot. In short, it is about a couple that finds a brass teapot and find out that if they hurt themselves the teapot gives them money, armed with this knowledge what lengths will they go to with this new power. Mosley also has a new film that came out last year Tatterdemalion that sounds more supernatural and is definitely on my to watch list for June.

Find out more about Switchblade Sisters here and tune in for some seriously informative film discussions. Also available on itunes!

Augie Peterson

A positive meeting on twitter, yes there are great things about twitter and that’s meeting new cool people. Augie Peterson won my heart by engaging positively with me and being super supportive of people who work in the horror genre. She even plugs other people's podcast before starting her own which I find lovely. In the days of trolls and gatekeepers, it’s a blessing to find a kindred person. The same goes for Danni from the Freaky Fandom podcast which I will talk about later on in this blog.

Augie Peterson, in her kind voice, reads her original short horror stories and sometimes also does genre movie reviews. I personally enjoy her reading stories more. I love when authors translate their stories to podcast it gives them another dimension, another level of connection with the creator. You can hear how they want their characters to sound and the tone of the story can either be clear or purposefully misguided as to give you more suspense when the end comes. Most of her stories have an unsetting edge to them that land on the darker, sometimes bloody side. I also enjoy the shorter format, I’m a sucker for horror anthologies full of short stories that give you glimpses into different worlds. It’s almost like being able to travel between world dimensions and experience life in different planes of existence for a short time and then get whisked back to reality. And Augie delivers this lovely feeling in her podcasts so well. My favorites so far are a bloody sci-fi thriller "The Envelope" and a disturbing tale of demented love in