Intro to Project: Women working in the Horror & Macabre Creative fields

Good day lovely people!

As promised I am beginning my project of writing a blog about people who identify as women who work in the creative fields of horror.

Today's blog will be an intro as to what to expect in the coming months.

I have spent the year researching for women working in horror creative fields as well as some who are also macabre leaning or full on horror art like mine. There's a big spectrum of horror & gothic art, I will do my best to be as inclusive as possible. If there is anyone you'd like to see featured on the blog please get in touch, I am happy to hear your suggestions.

Artists are everywhere but rarely do we see the ones that create the darker arts in the main stream media. There are many factors in this, lack of representation, mainly money related, as well as some old school patriarchal nonsense which thankfully is on the wane. Remember people, women face a lot of horror things in everyday life, we are well adapted to “handle” the likes of horror. So please, leave the girls are scaredy cats trope by the door and enlighten yourself with some truly bad ass ladies of horror.

With that being said I would like to uplift my fellow female identifying artists that bust their buns everyday to sustain a creative life; as well gifting this world with a little more darkness as to create balance with the light.

Most horror motifs are often social commentary on how messed up our global community is. It is often meant to open your eyes (sometimes in a not too subtle way) about how you as a person can be more awake, be better, and just maybe have your ground structure rocked so thoroughly you go

"Wow, if I work on myself and treat people better, I can change the world."

Horror is an extremely important aspect of our culture and I find it is often misrepresented by mainstream media. I seek to remedy this with my project of sharing the women who do amazing work in the many areas of horror in our world.

Every month for the next year, along with my regular art blog updates, there will be a blog focused on women working in the horror creative fields. With this I have a larger goal in mind to create a book featuring these women and the amazing work they do. It is a lofty goal but one I would like to reach as I feel there is not nearly enough books about women in the horror arts.

Examples of what’s to come:

The list goes on but I think this gives you a good idea that there are so many places that horror has women avidly working in them. I am so excited to share them with you and maybe along the way this will inspire some people to get more involved with the horror community. As well as supporting people who identify as women working in the horror creative fields.


What's you're favorite horror movie? Have an artist you'd like to share with me? Please let me know, I love finding out about new artists :D

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