Patreon- Community Supported Art.


After a successful launch of my new Patreon, I thought to write a follow up blog to share some new things that will be happening here on my personal blog and on the Patreon account. Dive deep and read on!

(Screenshot from the very first post of my Halloween launch-Since then I have gained a few more patrons woot!)

Starting in this month of November, I will be doing an extra blog per month devoted to uplifting people who identify as women in the horror and macabre creative fields. It's my way of being active and spreading awareness of all the amazing creators out there who get little attention due to the harsh stereotypes horror/macabre creators often get. If you would like to read further on my feelings about that, please read my blog Why do you Paint Dark things? It illuminates some of the issues attached to the horror & macabre creative fields.

I will still be doing monthly posts about my art, what's going on in my life, how it is to be a creative person in our current times and sharing artists that I find inspiring. Lately there has been so much beautiful art being created in our creative communities, I'm excited to share some of it with you.

If you haven't had a chance to look at my Patreon, please do so here There you will see what my goals are with creating this account. Plus an updated version of my tier reward system. My partner Jonas Roof and I made super cool mini monster drawings for each reward tier I hope you enjoy them.

Here are a few :D

Baba Yaga

Graveyard Ghoul

The first week on Patreon has already been a fun experience. As this is a brand new life for my art creations, I will be testing out a few things on there. Such as process videos of my paintings, interviews with me about how to paint in oils the creepy way and weekly updates on my sketch journal to see where the idea of the paintings begin. I am a spontaneous, intuitive creator so there might be some surprise goodies along the way too.

If you are unsure of how Patreon works here's a fantastic short video on it and a link with further details is here -> Patreon Info

Many thanks to my friends who have signed up and supported me! Special shout out to Kay Nyman! You're da best! I'm so excited to start this adventure, it's only been a week and already I have big plans for it. Community supported art projects are the present and future of art. If you love creative things then have a glance over at Patreon. Chances are your favorite creator is already over there and would love your support. From podcasters to writers, comics, cartoons and painting, try searching for something that you love and motivates you. You might be surprised how awesome it feels to be involved in the creation of something you want to see in the world.

Till next time, stay safe and feel loved, we're all in this world together.



What is your fandom? How does it motivate you and bring you joy? I know mine and would love to hear yours.