Jessica's Halloween

Hello out there in internet land!

October has been a creatively busy month with Inktober underway, my new online store opening and coming up very soon: the launch of my very own PATREON!

Here are some of my favorite ink drawings I've been creating for the Inktober challenge. This month's challenge was a focus on monster women and weird drawings tips. There are preset challenges everyday available for Inktober, but I thought it would be more rewarding to make something closer to my heart. Also while sharing some drawing tips to potential new creators or people who just want to learn how to feel comfortable drawing without the pressure of "fine art" tutorials.

I am always advocating for embracing your own unique artistic style. This is so important to me personally, because for so long I was made to feel like my voice in art didn't matter. That I shouldn't be me, just another artist creating art solely for the likes of others. It was crushing me for a long time. Within the last few years I have given up trying to please everyone and started making art that I want to make. And whatcha know? I was happy for the first time in forever and people liked my art! So just saying if you ever doubt your art, push past that and remember it's about what makes you happy not the other way round.

Weird Drawing Tips: "Today is a lesson in space or composition. I ran out of room at the bottom of the page with all the women's bodies so instead of stressing out about where to put their limbs, I made them into.. " Read more weird drawing tips @ my Instagram(click my name for creepy content)

Jessica F Holt

Also for the month of October I've made some special creepy jack o' lantern watercolor paintings. I call them Jill & Jess o' Lantern's. I was just having fun drawing pumpkins and then thought: "hmmm this is missing something, it needs a bigger creepy factor. I know what it needs, a zombie lady growing out of the top!" Can you image a field of pumpkins with zombie heads growing out of the top? Oh my glob that would be such a cool scene in a movie, or something you see in the animation show Over the Garden Wall. A horror fans delight I dare say.

If you are so lovely as to really like the zombie pumpkin ladies you can find & purchase them at my new Storenvy shop Jessica's Halloween Store! It should really say Jessica's All Year Round Halloween store because that's what I do basically :D Creepy Content for the whole year round! Look out on the day before Halloween for a Flash 20% off sale on this piece and a few selected other artworks.

We have some behind the scenes things happening for the Patreon launch like charms, pendants, and stickers galore. For the first 10 people to sign up for my patreon they get their choice of a spooky glow in the dark bag charm or zipper pull charm . It's my way of saying thank you for supporting my life as a growing artist. They will come in a variety of themes including art from my paintings Bloody Mary, Resist, Zombie Princess and maybe Mother Fracking :)

As stated in last month's Blog, I said I would update you with my tier reward packages. It took me some time to plan and decide which theme I wanted to go into, but in the end I chose to go with a monster tier reward system (not so big a surprise I guess :P) If you need a refresher in what the tier reward system is, it is a package based program where you choose your own level of engagement & support of the artist and each tier has it's own rewards that come with it. If you choose to opt out of the rewards that's fine too you can be a supporter at your own level of comfort. That's the whole point of patreon, be a part of something that you want to see in the world, we're bringing the power back to the community.

One final note, I want to say thank you to my friends on- and offline for pushing me to do this. Your support and encouragement means the world to me. l look forward to creating something amazing together and to further uplift people who work in the horror and gothic communities.

To everyone out there supporting art cheers to you, your support is what makes this world worth living in.

Have a great week!


What are your thought's on Patreon? Are you new to art? have questions about drawing? Would love to hear what's going on with you.