Edinburgh, Inktober & The Patreon

Hello out there in internet land. How are you? I hope the beginning of fall has treated you well.

I'm currently enjoying a holiday in Edinburgh with my partner Jonas. After a year of installing a new kitchen in our new home, we thought it time to take a well needed break, head off somewhere beautiful, kick off our working shoes and enjoy some down time in one of my favorite spots in the UK.

(Lovely graveyard which happened to be host to this creepy castle and also David Hume the philosopher)

It's perfect timing too, because October is going to be busy. There is the lovely internet event #Inktober, started by the artist Jake Parker a few years back in 2014. Every October there is a challenge to draw something in ink every day of the month. There is a preset theme for every day, so if you're stressed about topics, it's already set up. Of course you can do your own thing and have fun exploring new ways to challenge yourself or just chill and enjoy the creative ride.

I have chosen to do my own thing, because I've had an idea for a while that I wanted to do, so thought this would be a perfect way to introduce it. For the 31 days of October I will be doing "Weird Drawing Tips with Monster Women". Having gone to art school with minimal help from professors and also suffered through the mire of bad drawing help books, I thought it would be fun to do one of my own that was a bit more lighthearted. I am and will always be about embracing your own individual artistic style and thought there are rarely any drawing help books that do that. So for 31 days I will be doing silly tips and tricks for embracing yourself as an artist while creating creepy and fun monster ladies of all kinds.

Plus at the end of the month it will be available in form of a zine on my new PATREON account!!

... Halloween will kick off my Patreon account, in an effort to create a more sustainable income and expand my community of art lovers. If you are not familiar with the most awesome platform for artists to date, please check out their homepage. It's quite simple really, you find a creator you love, read about what they're doing on their account, check out the tier reward system they have setup and see which level best suits you. Every tier has something special in it, so even if it's only $1 you are already a patron of the arts, you will receive a thank you from the creators plus any specific rewards they have setup for that level. I already support a lot of my fellow creatives on Patreon and am happy to say it's a rewarding, enriching experience.

Patreon is full of amazing creators from podcasters, writers, youtubers, comic artists, painters, film makers and more. Go have a look and see the future of art patronage. I am a big believer in affordable art, as I myself offer a leasing program for my paintings as well as a monthly payable fee. So Patreon hits all my happy buttons. If you love creative people as much as I do and want to be in at the ground level of creation, it's the place for you!

I will announce the tier reward package program I have setup closer to the date. Of course I have made my tiers all monster related :D

Ok I'm going to get back to my holiday!

Have a great week!

(Literally stated on a sign before entering this graveyard: Tombs with a View)


Do you have a favorite vacation spot? What creative things are you into at the mo'? Have questions about Patreon hit me up! Would love to hear from you.