Autumn Goals

Inspired by a fellow blogger friends post Kay Nyman @ My Open Sketchbook I've decided to create a blog about my goals for autumn. Often times I set myself many high ones and am eventually disappointed when I don't meet all of them. So it's time to be smart about it and set myself up for victories in small batches. I think this is better over time because it feels good to be productive over a longer period of time. It's also definitely a mood booster.

Ok so here it goes:

This month's first goal was to make pins/charms of my artwork from the cool company Zap Creatives in the UK. They do an impressive array of wearable artsy products. From enamel pins, acrylic charms, wood pins in a variety of choices. All excellent quality, which I saw first hand from artist Tom Graham last year at the Thought Bubble Comic convention in Leeds,UK. I am definitely looking forward to getting my own first test versions in the mail very soon. Plus if you sign up for the email list, you get updates on discounts and sales, so get on that if you love all things pin related.

2. Design Business Logo- This has been fun! My partner and I have come up with a solid design that is now already in use @ The London Horror Festival. Woo I'm a sponsor!

Go check out their fantastic program for October-November if you are visting or live in the United Kingdom.

Ahem, anyway, I asked people what their first thought was when thinking about my art work and most came up with teeth, mouth, roots or branches. I ran with the teethy idea and the image here is what we came up with. I consider this a win and have already sent out a sticker order. Yay, one goal down already! These will also be on sale at my new online shop come September 20 or free with larger purchase.

3. Is to setup a Halloween event for my friends and I to display our artwork and films. Since it's hard to find places in Berlin that are affordable it is a high task, but so far have a few options already.

4. Prep work for Inktober- if you are not in the know about this online event: It is a challenge that happens every October, for the whole month you are to make art everyday in ink. There is usually a prompt list so each day has a theme but you can also do your own thing. I have a theme already planned so by the end of the month I can create a book . It's monster women and weird anatomy tips! With every drawing there is always some mistake or thing you want better so I decided to run with my "happy accidents" and make a drawing help book with examples. I've never been a fan of traditional art books cause I feel they are often intimidating and leave a lot out. I also have never seen one purely for fun and just revelling in your own style. So thought this would be a perfect time to do it.

5. The biggest goal this month is to setup and finalize my Patreon program for launch on Halloween next month. I've been preparing that for some time now and finally feel ready to put myself out there and join my fellow artists on one of the best platforms for artists to date. If you are a fan of my work there are all sorts of affordable tiers you can support me at and receive all manner of art and prizes. Plus, starting at the 5 plus tier you get entered into a monthly raffle where you have the chance to win pins, charms, original drawings/sketches and maybe some stickers too!

6. Read more books for fun! I have already bought a few and am excited to say I already read one-> Binti by Nnedi Okorafor. It is beautifully written fantasy fiction, which I highly suggest reading if you are into the genre. You can see in the photo I already have a huge writer crush on her.

I slacked on the reading for fun this year since I've been doing so much research for my art business and potential macabre women in art book that my brain protested at the thought of reading more books.

But! Seeing as these are for pleasure and fun to read, I am looking forward to having a vacation in Scotland at the end of the month and reading some awesome new books.

7 Shall I do 7? Ok, one more teency one. Seven is my lucky number after all.

Learn to take more breaks! This is something any person who always needs to be doing something has to learn. I really have a problem letting go of tasks and have a bad habit of needing everything to be done at that moment. So this month I'm gonna try to let go of the need to have everything done all at once and enjoy the journey instead of rushing for the goal. :P

Ok, so there a lot here but seeing as one or two are already in process, I'm feeling confident about getting stuff done! Autumn months for me are busy art wise, as it's the one time of year my kind of macabre work is more mainstream. Still, I must learn to pace myself, I think this is the most important goal of this month. My motto from now on is: Be happy with what you accomplish.

Leaving on a positive note, I wish you a happy beginning of Fall!