Worlds which Inspire

Everything takes time.

In our fast paced world we sometimes forget to slow down and remember to breathe.

We are supposed to have so much going on at once, just to balance a day sometimes feels like I’m juggling chainsaws. Especially being in the creative field nowadays feels like a constant battle, but it’s worth it. The marathon is damn worth it, if I can wake up and do what I love. I’ll take the long hours and stress over being stuck in a job that isn’t me any day.

I live between many worlds or rather I live within many worlds. Being creative doesn’t mean you’re always on. Also, being self-employed is hard and your inspiration can wane if you're too much in one place. That’s why my life is built between many worlds like comics, books, movies, TV, music, video games and of course my lovely dog Watson..oh yeah and my partner Jonas :)

Each of these worlds gives me strength each energizes me differently, giving me ideas for my art. I used to limit myself too much to one part and found if I was a 100% involved with the “art world” all the time, it would become too much.

So here are the worlds I live in, what is currently inspiring me and how I am creating art along with them.

COMICS are such a huge part of my life so it’s hard to narrow these down into just a few but I did it.

InseXts - Erotic body horror awesomeness, female empowerment, gorgeous artwork and gritty stories with social commentaries is my jam. Check out the creators Ariela Kristantina here, Jessica Kholinne here and Marguerite Bennett here.

GIANT DAYS I fell in love with so fast. Real, relatable characters, all of whom embody certain personality traits that I can identify with. The main characters are three girls going through college/life together and it's just super fun to read. Find the creators here -> John Allison Lissa Treiman Max Sarin Liz Fleming

POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology- I found out about through twitter (yay internet being cool) and backed it through their Kickstarter campaign. It's witchy comics, with varying topics which discuss real life problems with amazing heart, compassion and conviction. I found myself laughing, crying and absolutely beaming with happiness that this exists in the world right now. They just finished their 2nd Kickstarter which I sadly missed. If you have a chance to buy these comics do it! (Click on the title for info : )

How do comics inspire me artistically?

I did so many fan sketches off of InseXts because the character/monster designs were amazing, which inspired me so much, I started a mini series of my own monster women*. Probably will become paintings at some point too. Not to mention it's just great to mentally run around in someone else's world and come back to my own with a fresh perspective on things.

Seeing how comics are directly influencing so many movies, t.v.series, I've been engrossed in a few TV SERIOUS that are connected to them.

Like Wynonna Earp.

I don’t care what the majority says I enjoy it for what it is. A crazy romp through a demon infested microcosm with badass women. All in their own way kicking some ass, whether it be external or internal problems, they all deal with it like human beings and find new ways of pushing forward.

It reminds me a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer the earlier seasons for sure and that's a good thing.

The last few weeks I've been sitting, painting watching, Wyonna season 2 and just really enjoying their world. I can definitely see hints of their demons and humour in my art lately. Their two widow villains are amazingly creepy, I love it.

In regards to the big screen, there has been a few notable movies I've been into this year like The Incredible Jessica James and Women Who Kill, both amazing in their own way. TIJJ is a view into the world of a creative woman and her relationships with her love of theatre and her personal ones. Honest, funny and heartwarming. WWK is a black comedy that excels at dry humour, the writing is stellar and is beautifully shot. Absolutely loved it.

I'm hoping to add more to that soon with a new list compiled from recommendations from a few horror podcasts like Women in Caskets and Nightmare on Film Street who know their ish when it comes to good movies. Next movie on the horizon is from the gif below called Raw. I've been saving it for fall and now that it looks like the weather's finally cooling down I'm so excited to watch it.

With Halloween on the way I will definitely be doing some movie nights. Especially now that we have the projector hooked up. Which by the by has been bloody amazing to hook my nintendo switch to and play Zelda.

Holy Beans, am I in love with this game.

VIDEO GAMES have always been important in my life, since I was a kid playing nintendo with my brother gave me new places to explore and enjoy.

I was gifted a Nintendo switch recently after a few stressful months and after a doctors visit that said I needed to de-stress my life just a teensy bit :P

We bought two games with it. One of course is Mario Cart 8, but the main attraction that came highly recommended from my brother was Zelda Breadth of the Wild and it has been an absolute life saver. Talk about getting lost in a different world. The open world they’ve built is incredible. I’ve only just begun and will be taking my time to enjoy the journey, instead of rushing through like I tend to do.

MUSIC I am pretty eclectic when it comes to what I listen to since it's normally mood driven, but heavy metal has such energy and emotion so close to my heart, it’s a damn near perfect fit.

In fact I normally paint to it.

The band that I'm super geeking out about though, is female fronted heavy metal band Jinjer!! Gah, love them. Such a great mix of metal, growling, sweet bass lines and also some melodic clean singing. The lead singer Tatia, I totally have a crush on right now. She's just insanely talented. I really like their heavier songs but this was a live session that she just killed it in, so I had to share it. I hope to see them live someday soon!

If you wanna see what I was drawing to Jinjer's music, check out my insta for a short vid of me in my happy place ---> making creepy art!

Alright, that's all from me for now, I hope you have enjoyed the worlds which I romp through and maybe I have inspired a few people to check some of these brilliant things out.

Have a great rest of the week!


What are some of the worlds which inspire you? Would love to hear about them.

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