Process: Snake Bite

After last weeks short discussion on the two new pieces of work, I wanted to share a bit about the process of making the artwork, Snake Bite.

This painting was such a joy to work on. It was a canvas I had long forgotten about, so many abandoned paintings beneath the current blank, blue layer.

I brought the face and creature around her out of thin air. It was not a planned painting, the face started at her cheekbone because there was a patch of pink shinning through the blue overcoat. I thought "Hmm, what a great colour to start a face with." With that I began pulling and teasing the face out in different areas of the canvas. Not too long after she started to materialise with this eerie feeling.

(First Layer)

She was kind of peaking out of this abyss, one eye open the other missing in an unfortunate accident. Then I started to see this creature behind her,underneath, and at the corners of her mouth, there was the beginning of these thousands of lashing tongues running through her.

( 2nd layer )

The beast behind my lady came out of the shadows just as slowly as she did, it was a wonderful process watching the two beings intertwine and become one solid piece. She is currently a favourite of mine because I love getting lost in the never ending tongues that connect the monster to the human being.


Snake Bite

(Let me tell you how difficult it is to take a photo of this painting.)

#Painting #darkart #Art

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