Summer Break-Mini Series

Firstly, I cannot believe it's July, where does the time go?

It's super hot here in Berlin, which is great for some but not for the people who don't do so well in extreme heat. Cut to me holed up in my flat with a little fan blasting.

I am in the process of looking for new representation through galleries and agencies which is a job in itself, but am excited to find a place that is more fitting for my special brand of macabre art. I would love to be at a place that encourages and promotes dark art. I'm thinking Patreon might also be a place to look at, since I'm seeing so many of my friends doing well over there.

In my little art world this week, I would like to share a few paintings that I've been working on. They are a part of a new mini series, which I will be sharing more about in the upcoming weeks. Part voyeuristic, part introversion, these two paintings in specific deal with interactions within myself and with the ever growing world of the internet, media and exposure.

Snake Bite deals with my mouth, the one that bites itself, swallows me whole, I am a part of my own problems, I can create them, put myself in the middle.

Snake Bite - Oil on Canvas

I can be a voyeur of them, like Creeping-watching, never interacting, letting the world collapse around me.

It's similar to watching porn, it's a play you get off on but don't interact in, people become detached materialistic things you can own just like everything else in life. It’s how I feel about being an artist sometimes, I’m just a another brand, another logo, another thing to buy and put on a shelf.

Creeping- Oil on canvas

When I create work, it takes a piece of me with it. To be able to detach pieces of yourself, to make it a sellable brand is difficult, but you do it because it’s your life blood, it’s what keeps you breathing, and I’d rather put a piece of me out there than hide it away. I want to participate in our world and this is how I connect with it. This is how I talk to you. This is my language.

In these tumultuous times, language is important, so that we may build bridges that lead to positive communication. How do you speak to someone who does not understand your language? With a picture, photo, painting, drawing, etc.

To end on a fun note, I have a small exercise, it's something I used to do when I had trouble talking to friends and family. Next time you are having difficulty talking to someone, think about how you would express your words through image and maybe see the possibilities, even if you do not have confidence in your drawing skills, try using photos or do collage work, it may unravel something and you may start to rethink how you communicate.

Sending love to everyone, stay safe out there.