Hope you all had a happy week!

My partner and I are in the midst of buying a flat, yes we are leveling up, adult style! So we've been swamped with all that goes with that stuff hence my absence from the blog the last month. We are in the hopefully final stretches of purchase and we are so looking forward to having the space to call our own. Also to finally have enough space to stretch and not bump into each other..also art organization will be so much easier! Woo! Ok getting overly excited now.

Anyhow, I thought it would be a fun idea to do a weekly sketch blog, so you can see how I prepare for exhibitions; my sketches, paintings in progress and generally see my funny brain at it’s best.

I love sharing my artistic experiences with my online friends. We all live in different corners of the world and this makes it a fantastic way to stay connected and share our art! I know my blogger friend Kayly Nyman

has an art corner, where she interviews amazing artists. Not to mention that Kayly is a great artist too! Go check it out and be amazed by the talent. ---><-----

This week I thought to do a highlight on a painting called Mother-Fracking I've been working on for sometime now. If the title didn't give it away, fracking and the damage it does to our environment is something I feel very strongly about. This painting was a way for me to express my feelings without words but with action, with my own language, with paint.

Mother Fracking-(WIP)

It has morphed quite a bit, which has been fun to see the change. If you're curious on the size it's about 150x100cm which is a main factor in the length of time this is taking. As well as this all being doing in layers of oil paint. I know most artist cringe at the thought of sharing in progress work(WIP) but think it's essential for our potential audiences to understand how much time, energy and love goes into the piece.

I can't wait to finish this beauty and finally give her the show she most definitely deserves. Will be updating her status over the next months as she slowly gets to her finished stage!

Love to you all and Enjoy the weekend!


She's Finally Finished!

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