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Hello lovers of art, geeks, nerds and macabre fiends!

Thought it would be interesting to see a bit of my process. I know, I am always curious what goes through the artists mind before the end piece so thought it would be fun to share!

Without further ado, here are some drawings that inspired the latest series of work. Most are done with dry media-pencil, charcoal, and some wet ink.


The first drawing of the woman coming out of the bird was actually inspired by a bit of comic book reading. Was really into that series Supreme Blue Rose written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Tula Lotay, both artists are absolute favourites of mine.

Playing with form and ink here, trying to find a flow and also if I wanted to incorporate full bodies into the new series. Sadly they did not but maybe later on they will. I love drawing women's bodies, you can see that from my first series of paintings " Stories of The Amorphous Love" which you can find in my archives section :)


This and the first one are how a lot of my work starts, in my daily journal. I know the lines may confuse people but for me it's like writing a story.

And finally a bit of creepy coming in with the idea of faceless horros becoming a theme in the work with this ink sketch. Aptly named "Nightmares"

I hope you enjoyed a little peak into my brain and that it inspired you to share your own artistic process. Look for more weekly sketches and painting updates here as I grow in my blog life a bit more.

Love and greetings to you all!



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