Marked for Destruction



  Each piece was created with a blend of oil paint and bister; an organic powder that when mixed repels and disturbs the surface. 


  This reaction causes a translucent effect; a window for the viewer to step through; the deep van dyck browns brings a level of depth such as a cave behind a murky waterfall.


 These unstable environments were conceived with the idea of how we live life amongst the current global conflicts. These nebulous realms which our society inhabits. How it effects our daily living, where it leaves its marks- in the mind, on the body and of the soul.  



Stories of the Amorphous Love


Photos: Ilya Rabinovich


  The series explores the experiences of women in different stages of love. Each figure represents one step of the process: self-discovery, sensuality, submission, etc.  Everything acted out in the images is performed by non-individual characters, because we are not dealing with the precariousness of a personal situation. Rather the figures serve as a projection screen for the viewer's own feelings, fears, wishes, and desires. The empty faces are to be filled with an idea of self, in order to create a deeper connection between the painting and the beholder. The warm tones of the bodies stand in contrast to a cooler background of classical Van Dyck brown, so they are conjured up like in a vivid dream. The paintings serve as a ladder to a new level of reflection on life under the aspect of human bondage.

A series of daily ink drawings to coincide with the "Stories of Amorphous Love" painting series.

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