The Nature of Death-Series in Progress

  We live in a time right now where people on all sides are in the middle of a fight, whether it be for equality, social justice, green solutions, political change, poverty, etc. it is a time I feel will mark the planet for hundreds of years to come. It is a time of upheaval, a time of wanted change, taking down outdated forms of social infrastructure and creating new ways of growing, communicating, loving as a species, as a planet concerned with our footprint in the universe.  With every change, there is death, there is new life, there is growth and we as people evolve for the better. Too long in an unrevised tradition and the mind goes stale, the fruit becomes rotten, the trees stop blooming, the bees start dying and we all go with them. We humans have long seen change as something to be scared of, but I feel a change for the better  is something we should welcome.


   I started a series of drawings and small oil painting studies in 2017, after the rise of xenophobia in the UK with Brexit, the racism in the US and the rise of racists again in Germany, fueled by the normalized hatred in the US. I took all these things into my heart heavily. Saddened by human’s reluctance to grow as nature does, grow for the better, to grow as a community and build a world like the eco system of a forest, where we all depend on each other for stimulation, for sustenance, for love and growth. I see seeds of this in grassroots efforts and communities rising with the resistance to hate and want to move forward. My drawings reflected these things, which brought new love into my heart.


 There is a focus on women in this series. These women, who are connecting with nature, but also struggling with it as it is in our humanity to struggle. Flesh, roots, thorns, branches intertwining, flowers growing out of bodies torn, but being rebuilt with them as well. Nature reclaiming humanity and building us anew.


 This is my series, this connection, change, growth, death and rebirth. The relationship between nature, death and humanity. How will it evolve over time? Will we learn to build greener solutions and not be perverted by greed and wealth? How will future generations be affected by our choices? What new ways can we learn to communicate with each other, so we live in a global community not dependent on war for resolution? All these questions I will find my own answers to and those will be my oil paintings, my way of communicating with the world and in my naïve hope someone will listen to them. And in time my ripple in a pond will create a wave in the oceans of our world.


  I want to be a part of the better change and I know others will be with me too.



The Nature of Death: the first painting pictured at the top of the gallery to the left.

This is the first oil painting in my Nature of Death series, I have long had a complicated relationship with death as I feel most of humanity does, it is a natural part of our lives that often has so much complex emotions around it.


Long has our global community engaged with death in a distant way, almost as if we're ashamed of it, ashamed of our mortality. For the last years I have been researching the death positive community, and finding solutions and coping methods for my own fears around death.


With the Nature of Death series, I wish to contribute to the conversations about the interconnectivity between humanity, death and nature.  How we constantly battle nature when we should be looking for ways to preserve nature and that involves talking about death, how we engage with ourselves and our loved ones on the topics of death.