Familial Totems

    This series of oil paintings started with the idea of creating a dualistic image, one side of the painting had a monster; zombie, a faceless horror;  the second side had an image of transmorphic properties; involving varying types of fantastical persons transitioning into/from animal like creatures.  


    I have always been fascinated with the many faces we put on as humans; as lovers, fighters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons etc;  where does the true self lie and how do we morph into these identities as time goes by. This series has let me explore these ideas through changing images and has given insight into how these different identity roles affect our true personalities. 


    The execution of the paintings are made in a macabre style to highlight how the varying identity roles may pervert the true self. Also to show the progression of change within each person and how that change affects the outward appearance.

   The application of oil paint as the vehicle of communication was chosen for it's ability to create deep chasms of color and texture.

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